TOUGHKids New York

Race Information

4 - 6 years old:
Swim 20 yards, Bike 1 mile (1 loop), Run 100 years
1 helper allowed

7 - 8 years old and 9 - 10 years old:
Swim 100 yards, Bike 2 miles (1 loop), Run 0.5 miles

11- 12 years old and 13 - 14 years old:
Swim 200 yards, Bike 4 miles (1 loop), Run 1 mile

Entry fees, schedule and registration policy for our series races are set on a per-race basis. Please visit the individual race website for more information.

The fees reflected here are only for the Championship Race in September.

Individual $50
August 1: Individual $55

• athlete entry
• race T-shirt
• post-race refreshments
• swim cap
• finishers medal
• goody bag
• timing chip rental with splits

You must be at least 4 years old and under 15 years old to participate in this race. Children's ages will be determined based on their age on race day December 31, 2018 so they may be in an older age group than the age they are on race day.

Wednesday, 9/12: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Tailwind Endurance, 143 West 72nd Street, New York, NY

Saturday, 9/15: 7:15am – 9:15am
Registration Tent, Lake Welch, Harriman State Park

Parents must sign a waiver for each of their children racing, therefore you cannot pick up anyone’s else packet.

Parents need PHOTO ID to collect children’s packets along with the child’s USA Triathlon membership card, if they own one. If you lost the card or it has expired, print a copy or renewal receipt at

Each participant will receive a goody bag and T-shirt. You will receive the T-shirt size you ordered. We will gladly swap sizes AFTER registration closes. Stop by the Race Info Tent 9:30am - 1:00pm to exchange your shirt.

A parent or guardian must sign the USAT waiver at pick up if you are under 18 years old and you must bring your USAT Youth Card (if a member) or you will pay $10.

There are no entry transfers or substitutions. Participants who swap or sell their race number without going through the race management, will not be allowed to race and lose all entry fees as well as be subject to disciplinary action by USAT.

Steps to Print a temporary USAT card for current USAT members:
1. Go to:
2. Login using your email address and password (top left-hand corner homepage)
3. Click on "My Account" on the right side of the page
4. Once the page loads click on "Print Temporary Card" (the 7th link on left-hand side of page)

Transition opens at 7:30AM-9:20AM on Saturday morning.

10:00AM: TOUGHKids Age 4-6 race begins
10:10AM: Age 9-10 racers head to the beach
10:15AM: TOUGHKids Age 9-10 race begins
10:16AM: Age 7-8 racers head to the beach
10:20AM: TOUGHKids Age 7-8 race begins
10:55AM: Age 13-14 racers head to the beach
11:00AM: TOUGHKids Age 13-14 race begins
11:01AM: Age 11-12 racers head to the beach
11:06AM: TOUGHKids Age 11-12 race begins
11:20AM: TOUGHTEEN racers head to the beach
11:30AM: TOUGHTEEN race begins

12:40PM: Park roads re-open when last racer heads out on run course

Start times are subject to change based on the previous waves progress. The listed times are estimates. Please listen for announcements.

PARK CLOSED - NO ACCESS TO TRANSITION **Important** Please note that the park will be CLOSED to any cars entering/leaving until all athletes are off the course. If you are in an earlier race, you will NOT be allowed to gain access to your child's gear in transition or exit the park until after 12:50PM. We do this for the safety of all children participating as we have 5 consecutive kid's races with no break in between to open transition so please, no exceptions. Please be prepared to stay for half a day and cancel any other sports practices/games that your children may have. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

All TOUGHKids series' races including the Championship Event are USAT sanctioned and will therefore follow USAT Competitive Rules. Those include but are not limited to:

- Each athlete must be USAT Insured – see next section for more details
- Athletes will race according to their age as of December 31st that year
- No floatation devices of any kind are permitted during the swim
- Once transition closes only athletes and race officials my enter the area until the last participant has completed the bike and is on to the run course
- All athletes must wear a helmet approved by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission during the bike portion. No time trial or "aero" helmets allowed
- Helmets must be fastened before mounting the bicycle and remain fastened until the participant has completely dismounted; NO Aero helmets are allowed.
- Aero bars, disk wheels and/or solid wheel cover are NOT permitted
- Cyclists must ride in safe manner, which includes riding in the right lane, keeping two bike lengths between the person in front of them, and passing on the left only For a complete list of USA Triathlon's Youth Rules please visit their site.

You have two options during registration to obtain the mandatory USAT insurance coverage. 1. Purchase or renew your child's annual membership for $15 (if your child's membership expires before race day you will need to renew it during the race registration on Active).

2. Purchase a 1-day membership for $10 on USAT's site

There are no refunds. If your child is unable to participate for whatever reason please contact us before September 1 to make arrangements.

Awards will be presented to the Top 5 Overall Boys AND Girls in each age group:
4-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-14

To qualify for a slot in the Champions Wave, you would need to either:
1) Finish in the top 5 boys/top 5 girls for your specific age at any ONE of the 2018 series' races
2) Be the 1st place girl or boy for your specific age at last year's TOUGHKids race (does not apply to kids moving up an age group this year)

This wave is invitation only and will start 3 minutes ahead of the main pack, to give them the racing advantage of smooth waters, empty transition area and a clear bike and run course. The final racing times are weighted so that there is no timing advantage to starting earlier. In essence, an athlete from the main wave can still win a podium place if they have a top 3 finishing time in the age group.

Upon completion of one of the qualifying summer races, you will be notified by email that you have earned a slot to the elite wave at the TOUGHKids Championship Race in September if you finished in a top 5 position in your specific age. Invitations will be sent approximately 2 weeks after each race. You will be given a registration code to allow you to register in the event that the TOUGHKids race has sold out. If you have already registered for the Championship race and later receive a Champions Wave invite – please inform us immediately so that we can place you in the elite wave on our system.

There are no discounts provided. You will be placed in the "Champions Wave" and receive a different cap color than the rest of your age group. There is no obligation to use this qualifying slot, but note that the registration code is non-transferable. Invitations are the same for each event: 66 per event.

The slots will be divided per age group:
9 Boys / 9 Girls age 4-6
12 Boys / 12 Girls age 7-10
12 Boys / 12 Girls age 11-14.

If you finished in first place in your specific age at last year's 2017 TOUGHKids Championship Race you automatically qualify for a slot in this year's TOUGHKids Championship Race's "Champions Wave". You will be notified by email by JAN 31 that you have earned a slot. Athletes will be given a different color cap from the rest of your age group to indicate you are in the elite "Champions Wave" and starting 3 minutes prior to the rest of your age group.

Supporting youth triathlons nation-wide, TOUGHKids is committed to kids in sports and the importance of developing skills and achievement to enhance their confidence and self-esteem.

At the Championship race, there will be a "Champions Wave" - an elite wave that leads each age-group pack by 3 minutes. This wave is by invitation only. The Championship race has open registration for the first 300 kids. Open registration means that your child will go off in the larger age group wave (not part of the "Champions Wave"). You therefore do not have to participate in the Championship series to race the TOUGHKids Triathlon - you can register directly as long as slots are still available. Once 300 slots have filled, the only way to race TOUGHKids is by qualifying in the top 3 of your age at one of the races in the series (e.g. if you are 11 years old you must be a top 3 finisher of all the 11 year olds in that race).